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Asphalt Paving

Professional Property Service LLC, is a residential and commercial asphalt paving company serving all of Auburn and Opelika, as well as Tallapoosa County.


Asphalt is one of the most versatile and longest-lasting pavement types you can use at your home.

We provide a wide range of asphalt paving services such as asphalt installation, repairs, grading, paving, striping, refinishing and more. Asphalt can be used over gravel, concrete and used to resurface existing asphalt, so there are no limits to paving your walkways or driveway.

We start by meeting you onsite to go over your paving project, and then we prepare a detailed estimate with several options of how to address your paving concerns. We use modern equipment and the latest techniques for installing asphalt.

  • Many driveway pavers work too quickly with too little planning, resulting in asphalt that cracks easily.
  • We smooth the underlying surface first, planning for drainage and slope, so your driveway and walkways are built to last.

There are a number of advantages to using asphalt for your  new driveway.

It is a relatively simple process to remove and replace damaged asphalt, especially compared to concrete. Asphalt is also a 100% recyclable product. Due to the heavy demand of asphalt for recycling purposes, you will rarely find this material taking up valuable and limited landfill space. Asphalt construction projects can be finished and opened for traffic much faster and with a lot less expense than concrete construction projects. Additionally asphalt is able to be maintained and/or repaired quickly and very affordably.

When more than just simple asphalt crack repair is needed, we have you covered. Professional Property Services can have large asphalt cracks repaired, large patches completely replaced, or any asphalt can be resurfaced or even just sealcoated in much less time, and at a fraction of the cost.

Asphalt resurfacing simply involves applying new asphalt over the old. Damaged areas are filled with fresh asphalt, and an asphalt vibratory roller goes over the entire surface to yield smooth, even pavement. A complete asphalt resurfacing is fast and extremely cost effective. Even better, asphalt resurfacing, while returning the asphalt to its original smoothness, also adds structural integrity so that it can continue to provide a durable, pleasant driving surface under higher traffic volumes and increased vehicle weights.

From a pot hole patch, to a new driveway, or even a new construction parking lot, we have the expertise and equipment for all your paving needs. You can count on the asphalt from Professional Property Services for attractive, long-lasting performance and a substantial savings of both time and money.

⦁ Asphalt for new construction
⦁ Asphalt removal and replacement
⦁ Asphalt Overlay
⦁ Asphalt Patching

We are proud of all the work we do, and we are pleased to have our customers stand behind our work.

paved asphalt driveway

Newly paved asphalt driveway

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New driveway

Recent replacement of an old asphalt driveway

Before and prep work:

Old asphalt driveway Cracked asphalt driveway Broken asphalt driveway Asphalt driveway prep Asphalt driveway prep Asphalt driveway prep

After new asphalt driveway paved and complete!

Asphalt driveway to street Asphalt driveway Finished driveway/street Finished driveway