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Asphalt Seal Coating

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Asphalt seal coating, seals the small cracks that can turn into large cracks, preserves the resilience of asphalt and acts as a waterproofing agent, preventing water from seeping down to the base material of your parking lot or driveway. Think of seal coating more of as a preventative maintenance, than a “have-to” later. Other benefits are…….

COST: Seal coating costs pennies per square foot compared to the dollars needed to repair or replace damaged asphalt. The intrusion of moisture into asphalt accelerates its deterioration and is strongly related to asphalt distress.

AESTHETIC: Seal coating provides an attractive black surface that is ideal for painting lines and other markers on parking lots. Seal coat is a dark, black colored material and when applied to asphalt, it helps attract more heat from the sun. The hotter the seal coating on the asphalt gets, the more pliable it becomes, which helps it to withstand traffic without cracking. Seal coating recreates that day-one, freshly installed blackness adding a pleasant view in terms of curb appeal to any pavement surface on any property.

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MOISTURIZES: Seal coating replenishes the asphalt structure with the materials essential for flexibility and strength. Necessary, protective waterproofing traits are also added with the sealcoating process.

PROTECT: Seal coat is like an armor barricade in between the pavement and all of the harmful elements and hazardous chemicals it may come into contact with. Thus it’s the seal coat that suffers the brunt of environmental stresses rather than your asphalt structure.
SAFETY: Professionally sealed and maintained pavement reduces the risk of falls, thereby minimizing great liabilities when people are walking to and from their cars. Pot-holes and cracking can make hazardous conditions for auto and pedestrian traffic in parking lots. Also, an unfinished lot, when wet in winter, may ice more due to the prohibited water drainage. These are all dangers that are greatly reduced when your parking lot is professionally maintained and serviced with a routine schedule of asphalt seal coating, crack filling and line striping.

Asphalt Sealcoated Parking Lot

Freshly sealcoated parking lot.

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A happy customer with a fresh sealcoat job and repainted parking space:

Asphalt sealcoat asphalt parking lot asphalt parking lot striped asphalt striped parking space asphalt repair and sealcoat fresh asphalt sealcoat


Asphalt seal coating is a great way to freshen up an old driveway as seen at this customer’s home:


old asphalt drivway old asphalt

old asphalt driveway


Fresh asphalt sealcoat new asphalt sealcoat fresh asphalt sealcoat new asphalt sealcoat