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Line Striping

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Not only are parking lot lines a simple and cost efficient way to make your business parking lot look fantastic, but they also help you easily manage traffic flow and optimize space. Let’s face it, your parking lot is often the first thing that your customers see and it’s almost always the first thing your customers and your employees make contact with. Line striping helps you put your best foot forward with a professional and organized parking lot. Professional Property Services, LLC is ready with the equipment and the experience that will give your parking lot the attractive and professional look you need with striping that lasts.

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Curb Painting

Maintaining the curb painting in your parking lot enforces designated parking and non-parking areas. For example, red curb is painted to deter vehicles from parking in fire lanes or no parking zones. On the other hand, blue curb helps enforce parking for disabled parking; whereas, yellow and green curb are utilized to specify loading zone areas and visitor/timed parking. Whatever your curb painting need is Professional Property Services, LLC can help you achieve it. Trust our experience and let us guide you through a safe and quality job.curb painting pic