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Parking Lot Cleaning

Keeping all outside areas clean and properly maintained is becoming increasingly recognized as an important element of successful business property management. Studies have shown that cleanliness ranks as a top factor in determining where people shop, and external cleanliness is seen by many as equally important as that of the interior of the building. Parking lot cleaning is essential to making the very best first impression.

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We have a very efficient parking lot sweeper that vacuums your lot, including hard to sweep debris such as broken glass and small gravel. All blacktop areas will be swept from the building to the end of the parking area. Any area that cannot be reached with the sweeper will be blown out with a blower and swept up. All trash areas will be blown out and picked up. If you have trash cans that need to be changed on a daily basis, no problem. We are the professionals that can take care of your parking lot / store front appearance.